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Shilombish is a Native American-style flute musical ensemble that emanated from the Indiana Flute Circle - a social gathering of people that collect, play, construct and share the Native American-style flute. Their music has been described as a combination of layered melodic improvisation played over chordal progressions with spontaneous harmonic counterpoint being created alongside percussion and other rhythmic sounds. A wide variety of instruments are used to achieve their sound which can include (depending on the mood, time and place) 6 and 4-sting acoustic guitars, Weissenborn-style lap slide guitar, baritone ukulele, classical lute-guitar, Chinese zhongruan, didgeridoo, Japanese shakuhachi, saxophone, silver flute, jaw harps, vocables and various percussion instruments.  You will also sometimes hear a few old-time songs that you might recognize sung by Gary or Carol.

Their flute collections span a wide range of keys and different types of domestic and exotic woods and are constructed by contemporary and legendary Native American-style flute makers from all over the world.  At any given performance the number of wooden flutes on stage could be as many as 50 instruments.

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